Public sign-ups for this tournament are open. You can sign up for this tourney here.

Welcome To IDBH! written by IDBHTournament, 4 years, 1 month ago

Just want to welcome everyone to the IDBH Tournament website! We are a small tournament that has been organized for bronze elo players! We may eventually open it up for Silver players but for now we will be just doing Bronze.

You are more than welcome to sign up on the sign-up page! Right now the tournament will only be 1v1 (no teams... yet!) So sign up with your friends and prove to them who is the better bronze elo player!

Heres how the tournament works and how YOU can join!

-This tournament is ONLY on the NA servers right now
-Each player must sign up through the website (using your league of legends name)
-After signing up an admin will either accept or deny your signup (after doing background check on account etc)
-You will receive a friend request from IDBHTournament to the name you signed up on (if you don't get the invite add us!)
-You will eventually be placed into the bracket
-We will talk to all players and try to determine a date where everyone is free to play.


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